26 June 2015

DU Cut Off Jokes - Funny WhatsApp Twitter Jokes

Vir Das@thevirdas:
100% cutoff now for 2 Delhi University colleges. Someone please revamp this admissions process and the whole system while you're at it.

Someone please help me understand how to score beyond 100%, no? *scratching head from morning*

Raj Kumar@chiya9:  
Delhi University declares 100% cut-off on the same day when the Education Minister of India is embroiled in a fake degree case

The UnReal Times@TheUnRealTimes: 
Superstar Rajinikanth bows down before Delhi University, says even he can't clear their cutoffs

Hacker News@newsycombinator: 
Request to economics and mathematics people: solve the Delhi University admission problem

Sahil @YuviSRKDevotee: 
Don't get disappointed by the Delhi University cut offs. Get a recharge of 150 and start your semester at IIN.

NaMo के दिवाने™@MyLoveNamo
Delhi University 
1st cut off list 
100% needed in 2 colleges 
If dettol were a student, 
He won't be able to make it.

Ashwin S Kumar@ashwinskumar:
JUST IN: Superstar Rajinikanth accepts defeat, says even he can't get into Delhi University.

Delhi University Cut off is like that beautiful & rich girl in college campus, seeing whom, most guys reject themselves in their mind

Chitra Narayanan@ndcnn:
How can you score 100.75 % ? Best to give up studies in this ridiculous city. #DelhiUniversity


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